Snow Dervish
by Mairin Kareli

She is the storm that rolls in from the west, covering the sky with a thick, grey, winter blanket. Her winds swirl a dervish of prismatic flakes down through the heavens. Cyrstalized water decorates our world, coats the ground, trims tree branches with icy lace. She is the winter storm; feirce yet posessing that magical stillness that is only experiencened on a Winterís night, as the snow quiets our world. A sister of the moon, she is also able to cast the world in a pearly glow, and she dances in her delicate downpour, illuminated by the extraordinary light that only a snowy night posesses. She is a winter storm, a snow dervish, dancing the cold skies of this earth.

mairin kareli ana mermaid original art painting fantasy

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